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  ( )1.A. copy B. loudly C. today D. Monday
  ( )2.A. machine B. dictionary C. Russian D. question
  ( )3.A. cheat B. weak C. increase D. area
  ( )4.A. church B. chalk C. character D. cheat
  ( )5.A. popular B. large C. remarkable D. dark

  ( )6.—The sea is very rough today.
  —Yes, I‘ve never seen _______ before.
  A. such rough sea
  B. such a rough sea
  C. so rough sea
  D. that rough sea
  ( )7.—She‘s broken her arm again.
  —Again? I ______ she _______ ever broken it before.
  A. don‘t know; has
  B. didn’t know; had
  C. didn‘t know; has
  D. hadn’t know; would
  ( )8.—Has the wallet been returned yet?
  —No, but we expect ______ any day now.
  A. to return it
  B. it to return
  C. it to be returned
  D. it returned
  ( )9.—I‘ve been told to pay the rent.
  —But it‘s already been paid. It ______ by someone else.
  A. must be
  B. may be
  C. must be paid
  D. must have been paid
  ( )10. Montreal is larger than _______ in Canada.
  A. any city
  B. any cities
  C. any other cities
  D. any other city
  ( )11. Human‘s brains are larger in proportion to their bodies than _______.
  A. whales
  B. a whale
  C. that of whales
  D. those of whales
  ( )12. Before writing your article, ______, collect your material, and prepare an outline.
  A. a topic should be selected
  B. a topic to be selected
  C. your topic should be selected
  D. select a topic
  ( )13.—I usually travel by train.
  —Why not ________ by plane for a change?
  A. to try going
  B. trying to go
  C. to try and go
  D. try going
  ( )14. The boy lay in the street, his eyes _______ and his hands ______.
  A. closing; trembling
  B. closed; trembled
  C. closing; trembled
  D. closed; trembling苍南继续教育在线
  ( )15. He _______ here for 20 years by the end of next month.
  A. had worked
  B. has worked
  C. will have worked
  D. will work

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